Youth Mission, a nonprofit organization in India, made a modest beginning in 2013 as a private non Govt Organization to give facilitate In the respect of society wellfare  of India.

Our Story

Join us and be a part of our non-profit organization and help a Peoples of india in need. Donate for people of India and help bring a smile to their face. Together we can create a better and healthier world and a bright future for the country. Simply put, we build Hope, we reinforce Care and we share Smiles. It is the spirit of caring and concern that lies at the care of YOUTH MISSION. The experiences of our children exemplify the potential of human endeavour,even a drop at a time makes an amazing difference in the life of another human being.These begin with the desperation of sheer hopelessness and carry you through happy endings to confirm the power of human concern.

Meet the first two members of Youth Mission’s world, children whose lives give us our daily inspiration to believe that we can Make a Difference

Our Mission

Our mission is large our universe of society needing Welfare in each of the identified areas of Community to support the cause.

At Youth Mission, we are convinced that if each one of us believes in our heart that the little drops we represent counts in the ocean; together we are the ocean itself. We are an NGO for Peoples  in India who aspire to do more for our special kids by providing medical care, educational, environmental  and rehabilitation so that they have an opportunity to lead normal or near-normal lives and can support themselves in the future

Youth Mission’s objective is to increase the number of peoples to be treated by 15% year on year. Till October 2013 we have saved the lives of 259 peoples. Hospitals, caregivers, doctors and institutions and Old ages persons Physically Handicaped Widows orphanages have been regularly contacting us with requests for medical and financial support towards critically ill Peoples from all parts of India. We are not the biggest non-profit organization in India, nor is it our goal to be one. We,at Youth Mission, know that our modest effort helps change the larger picture. Together we can add hope, promise and happiness to the lives of these special peoples and their future. our mission is below:-

  • animal husbandery , agriculture, forestry and environmental to increase the prevension by 20% year on year
  • Childeren Old age persons , physical handicaped, widowes , womens, youth to increase the number of livehood by 25 % year on year .

Our organization's Mission is to help the countries and progress raise reflect in our country people . youth mission means younge thought of every person never thinks of the sadness. if every pearson thinks youth then every thinks is possible in our country so Youth Mission to help the country in all the respects of Development of society and country.